C.P. WALKER INFANT with Saddle Seat And Scissors Gait Prevention Bar

IMI-3023 C.P. WALKER INFANT With Saddle Seat & Scissors Gait Prevention Bar  (Age Group 2-6 years):

Infant C.P. walker with Saddle Seat & Scissors Gait Prevention Bar is suitable for children within the age group of 2 to 6 years 
* Construction: Strong tubular steel frame of 25mm dia. tube. 
* Seat: Fitted with rectangular shaped Ring with adjustable saddle gear to hold the child in an upright position.  
*Handle; Chrome-plated Handle is provided at the front for the patient to hold.  
* Handle Height; Adjustable from 56cm to 80cm
 * Height of the Chrome-plated Ring is adjustable from 51cm to 74cm.
* Ring's Inside Measurement: Width 25cm x Depth 23cm. 
* Size: Overall width of the frame 50cm and length 53cm. 
* Scissors Gait Preventive Bar: Provided with a foam cover  
* Mounted on four 5cm size ball bearing rubber castors  
* Finish: Powder coated finish with Chrome-plated working parts