High-low Massage Table (Electrical) With Manual Shirodhara Stand

Imi-2286a  High-low Massage Table (Electrical) With Manual Shirodhara Stand

Variable height dharapathy is suitable for abhyanga, Shirodhara and nasyam etc. The top is electrically adjustable in height with imported motor for Sit-to-Stand treatments & easy access and transfer of patients from wheel-chairs. The wooden top is mounted on metal  Frame-work with powder-coated finish.
* Height Adjustment. : Electrically, Table height is adjustable with the extremely powerful motor (imported, jack system) from 50cm to 95cm.  And ensures rapid and noiseless height adjustments with handheld switch.
* Dharapathy/Abhyanga :Size 210cm long x 80cm wide pattika. Constructed of Rubberwood board with a natural finish.  
* Finish: Metal stand with Powder coated finish.             
* Power Supply. : 220V AC.