IMI-1501A Relaxation Cum C.p. Chair With Adjustable Incline & Tray

IMI-1501A  Relaxation Cum C.p. Chair With Adjustable Incline & Tray

C.P.Chair is useful for the child who cannot sit up on his own, and who needs his back, shoulders and upper trunk supported, This allows the child to be independent, with hands-free for play, while maintaining optimal erect trunk alignment.

* Construction; Hardwood & ply board constructed, naturally finished.

* Incline; Chair reclines through an arc and can be adjusted to any desired position.

* Head-Rest; Height adjustable foam padded Headrest which can be formed & reformed as needed.

* Back; High back support holds the child with a wide belt. 

* Activated Tray; Laminated Tray size 21" x 24" with polished wooden raised edges, holds the items from falling.

* Adjustable Seat & Footboard are 12" wide and suits small children.

* Mounted on 5cm dia. ball bearing castors.

* Finish; Natural wood-polish finish with chrome-plated working parts