IMI-1504 Stand-in-frame For Childern With Metal Frame (Age 8-15 Years)

IMI-1504 STAND-IN-FRAME-Child, Metal (Age Group 8-15 Years):


The durable, functional Vertical Stander with four points of support provides the therapeutic benefits of standing and places children at peer level. Suitable for small children.  


* Construction: Vertical Poles are fitted on a heavy wooden base with a Foot divider & non-slip matting.  

* Ankle Support: Ankle Supports are adjustable in Length & Width
 & fitted with ankle Straps. 

* Knee Support: Padded knee Supports are adjustable in Height & Width. 
* Pelvic & Chest Supports: Pelvic belt & Chest belt are Height Adjustable for proper fit.   
* Activity Tray: Detachable Wooden Activity Tray is adjustable in Height
& Depth & most suitable for eating meals, having fun & learning in standing position. 
* Finish: Metal parts with Powder coated finish, Vertical Poles are Chrome Plated & Wooden parts with Natural polish finish. 
* Assembly: The Vertical uprights have fixing hardware (Nuts & Bolts) to assemble at the destination.