Imi-2264 Nadi Sawedan Yantra Electrical

Imi-2264 Nadi Sawedan Yantra Electrical 

IMI-2264 NADI SWEDAN YANTRA (Steam Generator, Electrical):

Heavy body Steam Generator for Nadi Sweden is fitted with an electric heater, pressure gauge, safety pressure valve & steam flow control valve. Steam flows from a tapered hand-held nozzle to give non-pressurized steam-bath at a particular point.       


* Steam-Generator: Heavy, food-grade Aluminium body steam generator with outer lid (OL). 
* Steam Sprayer: Stainless steel Handheld sprayer with wooden handle & aluminium water strainer is fitted with special high-pressure steam hose. 
* Heater: Yantra is fitted with 3Kw electric heater. 
* Safety: Fitted with safety pressure valve, steam flow control valve and Pressure gauge, 
* Herbal Basket: Perforated Stainless Steel Herbal Basket on the stand is provided for placing
  Herbs in the steamer. 
* Water Capacity: Maximum 22lit. Water capacity. 

 * Mounting: Unit is mounted on Powder-coated Tubular Steel frame & fitted with four wheels for easy mobility. 
* Power: 3 kW, Heater. 220V AC.