IMI 2502 Hydrotherapy Tank Butterfly Shape Bath Pool

IMI 2502 Hydrotherapy Tank Butterfly Shape Bath Pool

Butterfly Shaped, Hydrotherapy Bath Pool is designed for permanent installations with direct connections to Hot & Cold water supply, Overflow and Drainage. The shape & dimensions of the tank allows various arm & leg exercises to be carried out without hitting to the sides. The recessed areas at the head and sides of the bath provide good access for the therapist when monitoring & assisting the patient.


  • Construction: Constructed of heavy stainless steel sheet (2mm & 1.5mm thick), electrically Argon welded tank is shaped to Butterfly modified figure.
  • Overall dimension: 266cm x 196cm x 86cm high.
  • Inside dimension: Length to inset 218cm. Width upper part 183cm. Width of middle narrow part 89cm.  Width of lower part 135cm. Depth is 56cm.
  • Turbine: Two, Turbine Ejector-Aerator are powered by the vertically mounted 1/2 hp electric motor & mounted on a spring-loaded turbine elevator for height adjustment.
  • Turbine Carriages.: TWO carriages fitted with ball bearings for easy movement of Turbines around the tank.
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC.

Accessories: One digital thermometer, 2 water inlets, drain and overflow pipes with all necessary fitting. 

  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Head-Rest,
  • Stainless Steel Body Stretcher and Sitting seat fitted with nylon cloth. 

Finish: Bright polish finish inside the tank with special paint finish from outside.

Note: A separate room or hall is required for this unit with 220V AC power supply, Hot & Cold water supply and water drainage.