IMI-2843 Wrist Circumductior

IMI-2843 Wrist Circumductior:

Unit for wrist circumduction exercises is fitted on a laminated board with resistance mechanism.  Construction; 

  • Cast Iron wheel of 30cm diameter with drum stand is mounted on a laminated wooden base size: 65cm x 22cm. 
  • Handle; A small adjustable handle is fitted to the wheel for Wrist-Circumduction. 
  • Resistance; Knob is provided on the drum to control resistance from zero to maximum. 
  • Arm-Rest; A hollowed foam-padded platform size: 22cm x 13cm x 15cm high is fitted with two straps to hold arm & is fitted over the base in front of the wheel for circumduction. 
  • Finish; Metal parts with Powder Coated finish.