Infrared Lamp Single Bulb Floor Model. (IMI-2559)

IMI-2559 Infra-red Lamp Single Bulb, Floor Model

Floor stand model lamp for IR radiation treatments. IR bulb is fitted in a metal casing with wire guard, & automatic cut off timer & an intensity control switch.


  • Infra-Red Bulb: One, IR Bulb of 150w (Philip or Osram) is fitted in a metal casing with wire guard.
  • Intensity Control: Fitted with intensity control switch to control output.
  • Timer: Automatic cut off Timer of 60 minutes.
  • Construction: Bulb is mounted on a wide tubular base (25" x 25") with Four ball bearing casters.
  • Placement: Adjustable Arm permits a wide range of adjustments in Height and Length for proper Placement of heating lamp. : Height is adjustable from 45" to 70". : Horizontal adjustment is up to 18" with 360-degree rotational adjustment.
  • Finish: Powder coated finish, with chrome-plated working parts.

Caution; I.r.bulb Carries No Guarantee as It is Just Like an Electric Bulb That May Fuse Any Time.