Moist Heat Therapy Unit With 12 Packs (Senior Mobile)

IMI-2523 MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT with 12 Packs (Senior Mobile):

The specifically designed Pack heating unit automatically maintains Hot Packs in the water at the proper temperature.


  • Construction: Stainless Steel sheet constructed, a double-walled, well-insulated unit with an outer body made of 22 gauge & inner chamber of 20 gauge SS Sheet.
  • Dimensions: Overall, approx. 60cm x 40cm x 76cm. high
  • Heat Control: Thermostat to control Temperature from 30 to 110 deg. Cen.
  • Heater: 2 kW. Specifically designed Heater.
  • Pilot Light: Fitted with Two Pilot lights for Mains & Thermostat.
  • Drain Out: A drain valve is provided to drain out water for cleaning.
  • Mounting: Mounted on 75mm dia. 4 casters.
  • Finish: Polished finish inside.
Hot Packs: Total 12 of different sizes:

A, Six, Standard size (25 x 30cm).
B, Two, Half Size (12 x 30cm).
C, Two, Neck Contour (60 x 15cm).
D, Two, Full Back (25 x 50cm).

Accessories: Two forceps to get-out Hot-packs from hot water & Power Pin Plug.