Nice Trac Traction Unit Without Table


Microprocessor-based "Nice-Trac" unit with Continuous & Intermittent traction modes is an accurate and sturdy unit. Works on solid-state circuitry with reliable, silent and smooth geared motor. Can be mounted on wall or table. (W/O Table). 


  • Traction Force: Direct Pulling 05-45kg in 12 steps.  : Maximum Traction Force with Doubler pulley up to 90kgs. 
  • Hold Time: 0-99 Sec. (in 1 Sec Step). 
  • Rest Time: 0-99 Sec. (in 1 Sec Step). 
  • Treatment Time: 00-99 minutes in 1 minute Step. 
  • Alarms: At the end of treatment time. 
  • Safety Switch: Patient safety switch provided with Alarm (Audio & Video) 
  • Operating Voltage: 200 - 240V AC / 50Hz. 
  • Mounting: Can be mounted on Table or on Wall, set include mounting hardware. 


  • Cervical Head Holder with Bar. 
  • Lumber Traction Belts with Bar.   
  • Weight Doubler Pulley set.   
  • Main Cord & Extra Fuses.