Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra Pizhichil Electrical

Imi-2272 Sarvang Dhara Snehan Yantra Pizhichil  Electrical

Specifically designed, deluxe model Pizhichil, yantra provides Full body oil bath, Sirodhara oil bath and Hand-shower oil bath with individual controls.  
SPECIFICATION: Construction. 

* Dhara Patti (Table) : Wooden tabletop with wooden sink is made of one piece wooden board having 5cm high rim all around the top and mount on carved hardwood legs. 
* Size of Table: Approx. 90" x 31" x 32" high. 
* Yantra: The metal cabinet with chrome-plated push handle is mounted on four wheels and has Powder coated finish.  Snehan yantra with Oil flow & Oil Temperature Control system is fitted with;  A. Oil Filtration & Collecting: Yantra is fitted with sink for Oil Collecting & Filtration. 
B, Oil Temperature Controls: Unit is fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller to control the temperature of the oil. 
C, Oil Pump: One, low voltage DC  motor pump to re-circulate the oil.  
D. Oil Flow : The oil flow can be controlled digitally. Oil is lifted and Tel Dhara drops on patient's forehead automatically. 

E, Shirodhara: An AC motor is fitted for movement/swing system of Shirodhara.  Sarvang Dhara System: