Shirodhara Stand With Head Support Wooden

Imi-2295 Shirodhara Stand With Head Support Wooden 

Head support, Oil collecting pot with bucket & mug for Shirodhara oil treatments.  Can be used with any



 Stand: Solid wood, Handcrafted Wooden vertical column with horizontal bar is fitted with a wide wooden base.

  •  Dhara-Pot: Copper, 2.5 lit. Capacity, fitted with oil flow control valve & brass chains to hang. Pot can be adjusted in both vertical & horizontal directions.  
  •  Head Support: Specifically designed, Height adjustable Wooden Head support with oil collecting and draining system.
  •  Oil Collection: A stainless steel pot with Stainless steel bucket placed under the head support for collecting of oil.
  •  Movement: Base is fitted with 4 wheels for easy movement.
  •  Accessories: A stainless steel Mug for transfer of oil from Bucket to Pot.
  •  Finish: Wooden Stand in natural polish finish and Pot with hammer marks has a bright natural finish.