Steam Bath Sarvang Vashap Swedan With Trolley

IMI-2260  SARVANG VASHPA SWEDAN YANTRA With Steam Generator (Lying Type):

Full-body steam bath is specifically designed for weak patients to have steam bath in lying down position. Steam is generated electrically & passes through rubber & copper pipes in the box and flow of steam can be Controlled by hand-shut valve. 


 * Construction: Hardwood and water proof ply, with Acrylic windows on both sides. Patient lies on a special moving trolley with perforated wooden bed and his head rests on wooden pillow outside the chamber.  * Timer: 60 minutes, to control the working of steam generator. 
* Power: 3kw, Heater. 220V AC.   
* Temperature: Unit is fitted with Temperature Controller cum Indicator. 

 * Steam-Generator: Heavy Aluminum body, with Safety valve, Steam controlee valve & Pressure Gauge.  * Herbal Basket: Perforated Stainless Steel Herbal Basket on stand is provided for placing Herbs in steamer. 
* Overall Size: 84" long x 36" wide x 40" high. 
 * Finish: Inside painted and outside is polished natural.   
Note; You have to fill water manually in steam generator,  after every 4 baths.