Wall Pad Eva Mat For Sensory Room Wall

IMI-1335  WALL PAD/EVA MAT for Sensory Room Walls
                (Size: 50cm  x 100cm x 12mm Thick).

An EVA foam Wall Pad for Sensory room wall's covering, mats save the child from self-injury behaviour.

* Construction; EVA foam Mat can be pasted on the wall.

* Size; 12mm thick x 50cm wide x 100cm high. 

* Area; One Mat covers about 0.50 sq. meter area.

* EVA foam mats come in bright multi-colours. 

* Multiple mats covered the required wall area.

* Measure the Wall you want to cover & place the order of Pads accordingly.

* Wall Fixing; Mats to be pasted on Walls with Paste.