Wedges Set Of Four Different Sizes. IMI-1511

IMI-1511 Wedges Set Of Four Different Sizes

Adaptive positioning provides stability & support for those lacking full-body control. Firm comfortable foam wedges help proper positioning in the Prone & Supine position and for achieving greater gross & fine motor skills.

Sizes of Wedges are Elevation X Base


  • A- 15cm. x 60cm. x 70cm. each.
  • B- 20cm. x 60cm. x 70cm.Each.
  • C- 25cm. x 60cm. x 70cm.Each.
  • D- 30cm. x 60cm. x 70cm.Each.



Wedge Features:

Foam filled wedges covered with Nylon / Tetron.

  • Fitted with Velcro strap to position the child.
  • Comes with Add-on Leg Abductor Wedge, attaches with Velcro strip.