Physiotherapy Equipments

Quadriceps Table (Nirmala) with One Torque unit is designed with Backrest for the effective administration of progressive resistance exercises to the Knee joints muscle groups. Both QUADRICEPS & HAMSTRINGS can be exercised without changing the position of the patient. Also useful for Shoulder and Elbow exercises.
Rehabilitation Therapy Chair with overhead pulley systems can be used by Adults for a variety of exercises involving a reciprocal motion for shoulder, elbow, knees & hips, quadriceps & hamstring stretching, and other resistive & assistive exercises. The specifically designed chair which requires little space and can be used in small departments where space is very limited.
IMI 2951 Exercise Staircase, built in two sections to assemble in Right-Angle and to fit in to a corner. Tubular steel constructed unit with non-slip mat on steps.
IMI 3120 Manually Operated Tilt Table with foam-padded upholstery, works to standing position manually with easy to turn worm gear arrangement that locks it at any required angle.
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